Useroles wind farm

First French wind farm operated by the WKN Group

  • MW realised: 19,2 MW
  • Turbines erected: 8 WEC
  • Start of operation: April 2019
  • Location: Poiseul-la-Ville-et-Laperrière and Billy-lès-Chanceaux (21)

Useroles wind farm was built in the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region in the east of France and was developed and realised by the French subsidiary WKN France. With a total capacity of 19,2 MW, the expected annual electricity production amounts to approx. 50 gigawatt hours. The wind farm now supplies clean electricity to around 19 000 French inhabitants.

Commissioned in the spring of 2019 after only 15 weeks of construction work for 8 wind turbines, the Useroles wind farm is now operated by Energy Consult (subsidiary of WKN), a first in France!

This is an opportunity for the WKN group to get involved in the area as a local stakeholder. As such, the wind farm participated in the Côte d'Or 2019 Farming Fair, organised in Poiseul-la-Ville-et-Laperrière, and sponsored the "Agri'run" race.


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