WKN France projects from establishment to date

WKN France founded

The WKN Group consolidates its French activities and creates its subsidiary WKN France.

Project Sale in France

Sale of a French project pipe of 142 MW to the energy company Enel.

Commissioning of two Projects

Commissioning of the La Vallière (8 MW) and Beauséjour (8 MW) wind farms.

Commissioning of further wind farms

Commissioning of the Coulonges-Thouarsais (12 MW), Noirterre (12 MW) and La Chapelle-Gaudin (12 MW) wind farms.

Wind farm sold to KGAL

Commissioning of Picardie Verte II wind farm (12 MW) sold to KGAL.

Second Office in France

Opening of the North-East office in Nancy.

Construction of an other wind farm

Construction of the Tournevents du Cos wind farm (22 MW), located in Sommette-Eaucourt, Cugny and Ollezy.

First 100% local Crowdlending operation

Success of the first 100% local crowdlending operation, organized for the Côte des Moulins wind farm project. Construction of the Courtibeaux wind farm (10 MW), located in Saint-Martin-l’Ars.

Operation of first wind farm

Commissioning of the Longèves wind farm (9 MW) after its construction by WKN France. Construction of the Useroles wind farm (21 MW), located in Poiseul-la-Ville-et-Laperrière and Billy-lès-Chanceaux, and operated for the 1st time in France by Energy Consult, subsidiary of the PNE Group.

Growing Team of WKN France

Commissioning of the Riaucourt-Darmannes (12 MW) and the Daméraucourt (14 MW) wind farms. Opening of the new Nantes offices (headquarters and Great Weast office location) to welcome the growing team.

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