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WKN is a regional enterprise operating at the international level and has been one of the leading project developers in Germany, Europe and South Africa for almost 30 years. The service spectrum ranges from site development to planning and financing as well as construction and operation to technical and commercial management, and thus covers all phases of the project planning and operation of wind farms.

Since July 2018, WKN GmbH has been a 100 percent subsidiary of PNE AG. The PNE Group is a German wind power pioneer operating internationally and is one of the most experienced project developers of onshore and offshore wind farms. The brands PNE and WKN are united under the umbrella of the PNE Group and are jointly developing into an international provider of clean energy solutions.

In addition to the headquarters in Husum, the WKN Group is now represented with branches and joint ventures in various countries in Europe and South Africa. After its founding in 1990, the WKN Group continuously expanded into foreign markets. Today about 150 employees at nine locations, in six countries and two continents work together on the realization of worldwide wind projects. Despite different languages, cultures and countries of origin, all WKN employees share the same vision: a 100% renewable energy supply. We shape the future and promote the energy revolution.

More about WKN

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"As a vocation, I started to work for the wind energy in 2004, at the early age of the wind development in France. Today, after 9 years working for WKN France, I can say I’m very glad to do my best for the construction of wind farms within a strong and human-size company."

Benoît (Great West Grid & Construction in France)

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"In Sweden we have great activists working for a climate change, one single person can’t do everything but everybody can do something. I feel great comfort in working at the WKN group within renewables doing whatever I can to improve our climate situation of the world. That is something I bring further to my children, and I am proud of it."

Ann-Sofi (Project Development in Sweden)

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"I have been working for WKN for 21 years and am responsible for the contractual arrangements for the properties in any type of use. For me, sustainability means being able to deal well with each of our partners even after the contract has been signed. I think that's what defines us all at WKN."

Stephan (Head of Site Securement in Germany)

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"Being a project manager is a lot about working as a team, taking up challenges and establishing contacts with a lot of different people. What I like the most about WKN is the capacity of the company to encourage training and knowledge sharing between employees, which is a very effective way to improve the quality of our daily work."

Julien (Wind projects manager in France)

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"I’ve been working for Sevivon in Gdansk for eight years. The WKN’s further plans make me optimistic for the future and I am pleased to be able to actively support the implementation. An important component of our success is that we as Sevivon and WKN treat the local guarantors with as much appreciation as elsewhere."

Holger (Project Coordinator in Poland)

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"Working as part of the WKN Windcurrent team in South Africa is extremely rewarding. The team is growing and so is our healthy new pipeline of wind and solar PV projects. WKN Windcurrent is positioning itself well to participate in approaching renewable energy procurement rounds now and long into the future. It’s very exciting to be part of the WKN journey here in South Africa."

Marshall (Senior Project Developer in South Africa)

Our Network

To enable the WKN Group to position itself even more strongly in the markets in the future, the existing product portfolio will be supplemented by additional services. The focus is on financing and electricity marketing services, wind planning services, construction and operations management as well as repowering and continued operation. WKN France benefits from a strong network consisting of long-standing experts with industry-specific know-how.

The internationally operating PNE Group is one of the most experienced project developers of onshore and offshore wind farms. The two brands operated by the PNE Group are PNE and WKN. From initial site exploration and implementation of approval procedures via financing and turn-key construction to operation and repowering at the end of the system useful life, the company services encompass all phases of developing and operating wind farms.

Husum-based PAVANA GmbH is a leading expert for highly specialised services relating to the complex planning of wind energy projects: These cover the implementation of wind measurement campaigns, expert opinions as well as a variety of support and evaluation services. All of these tasks require proven specialist knowledge, the very latest technical equipment and, last but not least, a wealth of experience and assessment expertise.

Energy consult GmbH, based in Cuxhaven and in Husum, has been one of the leading operating companies in the wind energy sector for 30 years. In addition to wind farm management, energy consult offers as a Life-Cycle-Service Provider further services along the life cycle of a wind or solar park. These include technical services and inspections, arranging and negotiating power purchase agreements (PPAs), continued operation concepts, grid connection planning, on-demand night-time marking as well as construction management and financial services.

BGZ Fondsverwaltung GmbH has been active successfully as a commercial service provider for operating companies in the field of renewable energies since 1998. The Husum-based experts take care of all aspects of energy farms entrusted to them over the entire operating period. Their permanent focus is on one special thing: representing the interests of the owners and limited partners.

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Managing Director WKN Group
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Managing Director WKN Group
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