Our commitments

High-quality and high-performance projects

Develop projects in harmony with their environment
  • Respect biodiversity
    Ecological experts survey animal and plant species over a complete biological cycle. Particular attention is paid to protected species, birds and bats. The level of sensitivity defined by the study makes it possible to propose appropriate measures to avoid, reduce and compensate for impacts if necessary (reduction in the number of wind turbines, reforestation, carrying out the construction work outside nesting or breeding periods, development of protected areas, ecological monitoring, bridle systems, etc.).

  • Guarantee the safety and tranquility of the site's residents and users
    The WKN Group has developed more than 2,200 MW and is widely recognized by its partners and customers for building facilities that strictly comply with current regulations and respect the host areas. The locations are determined in order to guarantee public safety and to preserve the living environment (distance to homes).

  • Seek the most appropriate landscape integration
    Landscape experts identify heritage stakes (historical monuments, remarkable sites, landscape typologies). Photomontages support the cartographic studies to evaluate the visual effects and the insertion of the project in the landscape. The integration of a wind farm into the landscape environment is a determining factor in the social acceptability of the project. The final location of the wind turbines depends on the analysis of specialists but also on prior consultation with the actors of the territory.

  • Select the best equipment
    WKN France works with all wind turbine manufacturers and selects the wind turbine best suited to the features of the site (topography, wind resource, distance to homes, acoustic measurements, etc.).

  • Remove the foundations during decommissioning
    Although regulations do not currently require it, WKN France is contractually committed since 2020 to the landowners and farmers to remove the foundations when the wind farm will be ultimately removed. This commitment is intended to promote a "0 residue" approach in line with the vision of WKN France.
Make wind power an asset for local development
  • Promote local benefits
    Beyond their local energy production, wind farms generate long-term revenues for local authorities (municipalities, communities of municipalities, departments, regions) and contribute to the emergence of equipment or services that meet the expectations of populations and enhance the attractiveness of the area. They also generate income for landowners and farmers. At each stage of the project, we strive to involve local and regional businesses, thus contributing to economic activity and the creation of local jobs.

  • Establish pedagogy and dialogue
    The WKN France project manager develops a project by listening to the elected representatives and local stakeholders. The aim is to openly debate the questions raised, to guarantee an equal level of information between all the stakeholders concerned and thus to initiate a collective dynamic around a local project. The communication and the diffusion of information on the project are chosen and developed in consultation with the local authorities and adapted to each site: writing articles and newsletters, creating web pages, organizing information meetings and monitoring committees (elected representatives, associations, residents, administrations), etc.

  • Innovate together for your local planning
    Real tool for the ecological and energy revolution, the wind farm participates in the space-planning and general development of the area. Thanks to collaboration and attentive listening, the wind farm can be linked to other local actions and approaches, in the service of a territorial vision driven by the local authorities, and thus becomes a component of the local development. In order to more closely associate the local stakeholders with the wind farm project, participative schemes can be studied in collaboration with the local authorities.
Encourage positive and constructive relationships with our stakeholders

Our relations with our partners and stakeholders are governed by our moral values. In his or her daily work, each employee is the ambassador of our collective identity:

  • Passion: We are convinced by our mission and act with idealism and enthusiasm.
  • Authenticity: Open-mindedness, sincerity and integrity define the WKN personality.
  • Durability: For us, it is not only the outcome alone that is important, but also the path to get there. We are not only consolidating today's successes, we are also preparing the successes of tomorrow.
  • Innovation: We overcome challenges and present coherent solutions for the future in a moving environment.
  • Equity: We are aware of our responsibility and respect the expectations of our business and institutional partners, our employees, the public society and the environment.
  • Trust: We are a reliable partner and remain true to our principles and commitments.
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