Project development

Optimum planning for a successful wind farm

Site evaluation

One of the most decisive factors of success for a wind farm is the selection of its location. The identification of a suitable area for a wind farm comes after the analysis of numerous cartographic data, such as the distance to residential areas, earth and airspace servitudes, heritage and environmental stakes, the possibility of connection to the electricity grid, and of course the wind potential, without which a wind farm project makes no sense.

Once the technical assessment of the site has confirmed the feasibility of a project, the local community has given its approval, and the landowners and farmers of the area have agreed to participate in the project, we launch the studies required to design a project that fits its environment.

Land stakeholders, residents and local authorities may have different interests. We work with all parties involved to find the optimal solution.

Studies and project planning

More than a year is required to finely characterize the environmental context of the windfarm project. To determine the settings of a wind farm (number, location and type of wind turbines) and draw up the environmental impact study, WKN France calls on independent experts (naturalists, landscape architects, acousticians) and experts specialized in wind and site evaluation (including our sister company Pavana).

Obtaining permits

Once the studies have been carried out and the project has been defined, an application for environmental authorization is submitted to the State. The application is examined by more than 25 State departments, which provide opinions.

Once the compliance of the project is established, a public enquiry is organized for the inhabitants and the communes located within a radius of 6 km around the wind farm, who can address observations about the project to an investigating inspector.

Once all the opinions have been received, the Prefect decides whether or not to deliver the authorization to build and operate the wind farm.

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