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WKN France's head office is moving!

In order to welcome the Nantes’ employees in the best conditions in a context of team development, the head office of WKN France has taken up its new quarters in the city centre, a stone's throw from Chantiers Navals and across from the Machines de…

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WKN France, once again partner of the Marais-Poitevin regional park

WKN France wished to renew for the period 2019 - 2021 its partnership with the Marais-Poitevin regional park in the framework of the actions carried out by the park, the LPO and the Marais-Poitevin Observatory for the protection of the Montagu's…

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The Useroles wind farm is in operation!

After 10 years of studies, consultation, administrative procedures and then a few months of work, the Useroles wind farm, located in the municipalities of Poiseul-la-Ville-et-Laperrière and Billy-lès-Chanceaux in Côte d'Or, now produces clean energy…

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WKN France, winner of the Vestas Lego Challenge!

On Wednesday, Vestas announced the winners of this winter's Vestas challenge: build the Lego Vestas motorised wind turbine as quickly as possible as a team and submit a performance video. The French team is proud to have won this challenge on behalf…

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