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At the end of a successful business year, WKN Windkraft Nord AG sold the rights for several international wind energy projects few days before Christmas to the Danish investor EuroTrust A/S. A total of 245 megawatt will now be installed during the next years.

The projects to be erected are located in Spain, Poland as well as Italy. The windfarm Cortijo de Guerra (Spain) is going to be built in Andalusia amounting 41 megawatt. At the same time, 51 megawatt will be erected in the Polish windfarm Karcino (Eastern Pomerania). Both projects are fully approved. Commissioning of the energy farms is scheduled for the end of 2007. Two projects in Sicily / Italy are actually being finally developed. The commissioning of those two windfarms is planned for 2008 and 2009.

Referring to the closing of the contracts with EuroTrust Martinus Scherweit, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of WKN AG, states: "The year 2006 has been very successful for WKN AG and now finds an impressive completiton with the sale of these four projects." Udo Follrichs, Vice President of WKN AG, adds: "We again see that we have taken the right track on the international floor. Global corporations are very interested in our professionally developed projects."

Bo Kristensen, CEO of EuroTrust, appraises the acquisition of the WKN-projects as follows: "The entry into Spain being the world's second largest wind market is a very important step for EuroTrust as Spain offers solid wind resources and an increasing demand for energy. We see Poland as the most promising of the East European markets due to attractive wind resources along the northern coast and an established market for green certificates trading. Finally, we are very pleased to expand our activities in Italy, where we already have our first project in commercial operation."

WKN Windkraft Nord AG
WKN AG has been planning, financing, building and operating wind farms in Germany since as early as 1991. Furthermore, WKN AG is represented also in Europe and the USA with international subsidiaries and joint-ventures. Being a member of the BGZ-Group, WKN belongs to the innovative company networking "House of Future Energies" in Husum / Germany which has established as an important competence centre for renewable energies.

The BGZ-Group
The BGZ Beteiligungsgesellschaft Zukunftsenergien AG is a finance and management holding within the fields of renewable energies. The most well-known subsidiaries are WKN Windkraft Nod AG as well as reconcept GmbH. The value chain of the Group includes planning, projecting, financing, the operation and management of windfarms, solar parks as well as biomass-projects. 90 % of the BGZ-shares are privately owned, while 10 % are kept by Stadtwerke Hannover.

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