Longèves wind farm

Modern times mills that delight the locals

  • MW realised: 9 MW
  • Turbines erected: 3 WEC
  • Start of operation: February 2018
  • Location: Longèves (17)

The Longèves wind farm was built in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region in the west of France and was developed and realised by the French subsidiary WKN France. With a total capacity of 9 MW, the expected annual electricity production amounts to approx. 25 gigawatt hours. The wind farm now supplies clean electricity to around 9,500 French inhabitants.

The project has been carried out in close collaboration with the municipality throughout its development, contributing to its appropriation by the local population. For example, local residents and schoolchildren were able to visit the construction site during the construction of the farm.

In order to give an educational and civic dimension to the event, the project team organised the opening on 15 June 2018, on the occasion of the Global Wind Day.


"The key factor of success was above all the acceptance of the population, made possible thanks to a joint pedagogy of the municipality and WKN. We had a real partnership with the WKN team, very clear and transparent, based on a constructive dialogue throughout the project. Today the Longevois are proud of their 3 mills of modern times, they talk about it with pride and they are right to do so!" (15.06.2018)

Patrick Blanchard, Mayor of Longèves

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